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Mr. Pushkar Singh is a well-known trader in India. Mr. Pushkar Singh has started his journey of trading very earlier he is carrying the experience of 14 years in the trading world.  He has extensive knowledge of technical analysis and research analysis.



Technical Analysis offers:

Defining technical analysis | Using TA for trading discipline and coordinating with fundamental analysis | Using trend lines, Japanese candlesticks, support and resistance and retracement levels | Identify and manage Trends and Chart pattern formations | Analyzing and using volumes and open interest | pivot point | Dow Theory & Fibonacci extension/Retracements | Calculating and using Moving Averages and MACD | Using Stochastic, RSI, Williams %R,  Bollinger Bands and Percentage Bands | Identifying viable risk-reward opportunities | Using TA in speculation | Risk Management techniques.

Learn Complete Technical Analysis

Our Courses

Our some most demanded courses



Equity Derivatives Certification Examination ( 6000 /20 HOUR)



Currency Derivatives Certification Examination ( 8000/ 30 HOURS)


Research Analyst Certification Examination ( 10000 / 30 HOURS)

Trading in Stock Market?

Learn How To Analyse The Market First

Recent Events

Investor Awareness Programme held by CDSL

Mr. Pushkar Singh with Varun Agarwal, Famous Option Trader

Trader Seminar in Delhi

Stock Market Class in Lucknow

Investment Seminar

Stock Market Tips Shared by Mr. Pushkar Singh

What People Says


I began my profession in the stock market and simple like other fledgling traders, I lost everything. I was stuck viewing my disappointment, a large portion of my trading was fruitless.. heaps of good and bad times. It encouraged me an indicated to me really what was happening. what I was fouling up every one of these years, they told the best way to profit.


— Nidhi Jain

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